We care,
therefore we act

Good is the only thing that multiplies when you share it

That is what we believe in. We are proud to present the next edition of our gift-giving campaign #FantasticPresent by Future Processing, co-created by our friends and partners.

The rules are simple: we will provide financial support to the four initiatives – your votes will decide the exact amount. We invite you to get involved!

About the project

Fantastic Presents is a project that brings a shift in the concept of gift-giving – instead of a material object, we want to give you the opportunity to engage and decide which WHO initiative should receive the donation.

Presentation of organisations

We have selected initiatives by World Health Organization (WHO), that you can support with your vote.

The rules of voting are simple – read the program of the selected projects and choose the one that is closest to you. We will divide the financial support between the initiatives, according to the percentage distribution of votes. Once the campaign is over, we will inform you of the results.


Voting results

Thank you for all your votes in the Fantastic Present campaign!

Fighting against COVID-19

Your contribution will directly support countries and communities with the greatest need to prevent, detect, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vaccines for everyone, everywhere

The money raised goes to the Gavi COVAX AMC, which funds COVID-19 vaccines for lower-income countries, helping protect those who need vaccines the most.

Support for Ukraine

The escalating crisis in Ukraine has severely affected the population’s access to vital health care. Urgent funding is needed to treat patients wounded by the conflict or those in need of vital care.

Supporting for Sahel and Africa region in drought crisis

Support healthcare operations and help to save lives. The health risks in the region are increasing, while access to health care is deteriorating.



In 2021, support was given to:


a startup in which students, coming to study in Denmark, were given the opportunity to learn Danish by meeting with elderly people

Read more about ELDERLEARN

an international nonprofit technology company developing integrated tools and services to enable people to create solutions and mobilize the community to do good

Read more about USHAHIDI

focusing on efforts to save the Baltic Sea-supporting sustainable fisheries or fighting for clean seas


In 2020, support was provided to:

The Kosmos Foundation

an association established to change the lives of girls in Poland for the better and solve the problems they face while growing up

Read more about the kosmos fundaion
Great Bubble Barrier®

a Danish start-up that has created a barrier that holds back plastic while allowing fish and ships to flow unimpeded

Read more about Great bubble barrier

a leading UK charity committed to improving the well-being and mental health of children and young people

Read more about youngminds

In 2019, support was given to:

In 2019, support was given to UNICEF’s ‘Gift without a Box’ initiative, focusing on helping children around the world. A proprietary voting platform based on blockchain technology has been developed by us specifically for it. As part of the campaign, we also purchased numerous kits of vaccines, medicines and supplies for learning and teacher support.

Read more about UNICEF's ‘Gift without a Box


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