This is the most special season of the year – the season of joy and gift-giving. Yes – gift-giving. Remember what we did together last year? 

We cooperated in the Fantastic Present project to support the Polish division of UNICEF. FP developers created dedicated blockchain-based software which we then used to select presents for kids living in the needy parts of the world. 

We really enjoy the idea of helping others, so we decided to do that again with you this time, in a slightly different way. 

About the project

We’ve asked you to shortlist social activists working for the environment or the local community, or start-ups creating innovative solutions that can help the whole planet.

Your response has exceeded our greatest expectations. We are full of admiration for the people who do so much good and make such a positive impact.

Out of all the submissions we have received, we have selected three: those that have impressed us most.

It’s time for the final stage – let’s choose the best project together.


and the winner is...

This year, we will support, as you have decided, three organisations. Each of them inspires our respect and deserves support.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of their members, we can count on a better world!

Congratulations to the Kosmos Foundation (PL), YoungMinds (UK) and The Great Bubble Barrier (NL)!


Helping others is great! Last year, by contributing together to UNICEF Poland’s gift-giving campaign, we managed to help children around the world and take care of their health and education. We provided: 

  • Disease kits (a set of vaccines against polio, tetanus, and tuberculosis – 1 kit helps 40 kids) – 92 packs
  • Anti-malaria tablets (a set of anti-malarial medicine, each containing 180 tablets) – 98 packs
  • Infant antibiotics (a set of antibiotics for infants to be used against meningitis: 1 kit contains 30 doses of the medicine) – 63 packs
  • School-in-a-box kits (a set of school supplies for 40 children and a teacher) – 6 packs
  • School starter kits (a set of schoolbags, notebooks, and pencils: each set allows 2 kids to start their school education) – 26 packs 


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