We love creating great things: great software and great traditions as well. Thanks to the involvement of our Friends and Partners, we’re happy to invite you to take part in another gift-giving campaign as part of the #FantasticPresent initiative by Future Processing. We can only do this with you!

In 2019, we invited you to take part in supporting the UnBOX Possibilities project by UNICEF Poland. Using Future Processing’s original, blockchain-based voting platform, you joined us to help children in need from around the world.

In 2020, you helped us select and support some further great initiatives, such as the Kosmos Foundation (PL), the Great Bubble Barrier® (NL), and the Young Minds (UK). Thanks to you, many great things happened, in many areas!

About the project

What will 2021 bring? Through this holiday campaign, we wish to address the latest global challenges. Join us and have a closer look at the causes that find important: society, technology, and environment.

In response to the challenges faced by humanity, which are bound to affect the future of our planet, we should focus on changing the world for the better. We should do good that integrates people, provides them with a sense of safety, and preserves us and the Earth. We should do good that doesn’t go away with the magic of the holiday season.

winner is...

Thank you for all your votes in the Fantastic Present campaign! You’ve helped us to divide the donation proportionally between all initiatives.

Congratulations to:

Coalition Clean Baltic (58%),

Elderlearn (24%),

Ushahidi (18%)!

Previous editions

So far we supported:


  • The Kosmos Foundation – The foundation aims to help girls in Poland become who they want – as they say ‘we support the girls today to change the world tomorrow’.
  • The Great Bubble Barrier® – This fast-growing Dutch start-up created a barrier to contain the plastic while allowing fish and ships to pass through unhindered.
  • The Young Minds – The UK’s leading charity dedicated to improving children and young people’s wellbeing and mental health. 


  • Through our blockchain platform and UNICEF Poland, we engaged in the campaign Gifts without a Box. Back then, we managed to buy sets of vaccines, drugs and antibiotics and school suppliers. 


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